• COR Operating Manual version 17, Effective April 5, 2019

    After circulating version 16 of the Canada Organic Regime (COR) Operating Manual to CSI certified organic operators, CFIA release version 17 of the COR Operating Manual on April 5, 2019. The new version contains two additional annexes, one explaining the "family of certificates" that Certification Bodies (CBs) may issue, and the other containing a flowchart for management of non-conformities...

  • COR Operating Manual Updated January 15, 2019

    On January 15, 2019, the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations came in to effect, which now incorporate the Organic Products Regulations, 2009 as Part 13.  Also, as of January 15th, CFIA updated their Operating Manual for Conformity Verification Bodies (CVBs) and Certification Bodies (CBs).

    CSI is...

  • Summary of Modifications to the Canada Organic Standards (COS) - March 2018

    On April 12, 2018, the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) published the latest revisions to CAN/CGSB-32.310:2015 – Organic Production Systems: General Principles and Management Standards and CAN/CGSB-32.311:2015 – Organic Production Systems: Permitted Substances Lists (PSL). These revisions were proposed and agreed upon by the CGSB Technical committee to address some gaps identified in...

  • OMRI Canada Product List Update

    OMRI recently listed several more products for use in production under the Canada Organic Regime standards.  You are welcome to download the updated OMRI Canada Products List from the OMRI website at:   

    You can click here for......

  • Public Review of Canada's Organic Agriculture Standards

    The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) has released draft editions of the following Organic Agriculture Standards: 

    • CAN/CGSB 32.310 Organic production systems ― General principles and management standards 
    • CAN/CGSB 32.311 Organic production systems ― Permitted substances lists 

    These two standards can now be downloaded for public review.  ...

  • The Canadian Grain Commission reminder

    The Canadian Grain Commission reminds the grain industry and producers about grain grading changes that come into effect on July 1, 2013 in Eastern Canada.  Currently, commercial cleanliness requirements for Triticale, Canada (CAN) do not include tolerances for roughage. As recommended by the Eastern Standards Committee at its April 2013 meeting, the following roughage tolerance for exports of...

  • OMRI Launches Canada Pilot Program

    OMRI is pleased to announce the much anticipated launch of the OMRI Canada Pilot Program. Applications for review to Canada Organic Regime (COR) standards are now being accepted, exclusively for products already OMRI Listed® to USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards. The fee for the OMRI Canada “add-on” review service is $215 U.S., renewable annually.
    “We literally cannot wait to...

  • The Quavera Alliance's International Network

    The Quavera Alliance's international network for reliable organic certification, which includes CSI, is strengthened by welcoming three new certification bodies to its ranks. Read the press release.