COR Operating Manual version 17, Effective April 5, 2019

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

After circulating version 16 of the Canada Organic Regime (COR) Operating Manual to CSI certified organic operators, CFIA release version 17 of the COR Operating Manual on April 5, 2019. The new version contains two additional annexes, one explaining the "family of certificates" that Certification Bodies (CBs) may issue, and the other containing a flowchart for management of non-conformities.

CSI has updated the link on our website to the COR Operating Manual (version 17).

CSI's Organic Program Certification Policy Manual incorporated the requirements for certification as described in version 17 of the COR Operating Manual. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Jennifer Scott or Cheryl Laxton.


Jennifer Scott
Organic Program Manager


Jennifer Scott, Organic Program Manager, can be reached at or at 1-800-979-9015.

Cheryl Laxton, Organic Program Coordinator can be reached at or at 604-832-8655.