Update on CSI's Response to COVID-19

Saturday, May 16, 2020

While the spread of COVID-19 in Canada seems to be stabilizing and the general environment seems to be improving, we do not want to be hasty in our decision to continue with our on-site inspections.  The health and safety our clients, inspectors and staff are our top priorities.  So, CSI will continue to suspend all on-site inspection activities a little while longer. 

In the interim, we are beginning to conduct remote inspections for those clients who have been assessed as low risk. We are planning to wait until at least the end of June before conducting any crop farm or land-based livestock inspections, in the hopes that we can conduct on-site inspections of those operations with appropriate physical distancing, and some advance preparation to minimize the exchange of paper records. Of course, we continue to closely monitor the situation, and will adjust our plans as necessary.

We realize that the conditions of the pandemic are different in each province, so this will factor into our decision regarding when and how to resume our normal service delivery.  Given these regional differences, we may also choose a slightly different implementation timeline in each province.      
Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.  We continue to wish you, your family and your staff good health!


Roy van Wyk and the Staff of CSI 

Roy van Wyk
Executive Director