Organic Certification

CSI offers organic certification to the Canada Organic Regime and all applicable equivalency arrangements (e.g. NOP, EU, JAS, etc).

For a general overview of the CSI organic certification process, click on this link to see a flowchart describing the steps to certification.  For information on CSI fees, please review the CSI Organic Certification Policy Manual section 5.

Canada Organic Regime (COR) - With NOP and EU Equivalency

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) organic program is part of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulation (SFCR). Organic products are regulated under Part 13. The SFCR references the Canada Organic Standards (COS), which are organized as follows: 

CSI is an organic Certification Body accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. For more information on the Canada Organic Regime, click here.

Equivalency Arrangements

CFIA has negotiated several equivalency arrangements with various trading partners, including the NOP, the EU and Japan. Each equivalency arrangement is unique and has different requirements with regards to the import and export of organic products, and the use of the conformity mark belonging to each scheme. Each of the equivalency arrangements are described here:

Please contact CSI if you have any questions on whether you need to include equivalency under one of the arrangements in your application, and what that means.