Organic Certification

CSI offers organic certification to the Canada Organic Regime and all applicable equivalency arrangements (e.g. NOP, EU, JAS, etc).

For a general overview of the CSI organic certification process, click on this link for a PDF document that will help you understand the steps involved in obtaining organic certification for your operation. For information on CSI fees, please review the CSI Organic Certification Policy Manual section 5.

Canada Organic Regime (COR) - With NOP and EU Equivalency

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) regulation on organic products was published on June 4, 2009 and came into effect on June 30, 2009. The Canada Organic Standards (COS), which are organized into two parts, were revised in November 2015 and amended in March 2018. 

CSI is an organic Certification Body accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. For more information on the Canada Organic Regime, click here.

Canada Organic Regime (COR) - With Japan (JAS) Equivalency

CSI was the first Canadian-owned and operated organic certification body to be recognized as a Registered Overseas Certifying Body under the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS). CSI was granted JAS accreditation on September 8, 2008, following an extensive on-site audit and review by Japanese officials.

Up until 2015, CSI offered JAS certification for farms and processing facilities directly under the JAS law. The certification process involved a CSI-recognized organic inspector visiting a business to inspect their operations against the submitted organic system plan and check it against the JAS organic agricultural product standards. The inspectors' reports were reviewed by CSI and if the operation was in compliance with JAS, CSI would grant organic certification. In January 2015, the Canada-Japan organic equivalency agreement came into effect which meant that CSI along with other organic certification bodies, had to relinquish their JAS organic accreditation. Now CSI offers organic certification to organic producers and food preparers under the Canada Organic Regime with Japan (JAS) equivalency.

Equivalency Arrangements

CFIA has negotiated several equivalency arrangements with various trading partners. Each equivalency arrangement is unique, and has different requirements with regards to the import and export of organic products. Each of the equivalency arrangements are described here:


Please contact CSI if you have any questions on equivalency.

Bio-Suisse Approval for Export to Switzerland

The Bio-Suisse program is a private-label program from Switzerland, which is different than the Swiss organic certification program. CSI is able to verify to the Bio-Suisse requirements. Please contact CSI’s organic program manager if you intend to request Bio-Suisse verification as part of your COR inspection.