Welcome to the CSI News page where we provide you with current news related to CSI's seed program activities.  

  • Update on CSI's Response to COVID-19 - Seed Program

    While the spread of COVID-19 in Canada seems to be stabilizing and the general environment seems to be improving, we do not want to be hasty in our decision to continue with our on-site audits.  The health and safety our clients, auditors and staff are our top priorities.  So, CSI will continue to suspend all on-site audit activities a little while longer. 

    For RSEs and Seed Labs that...

  • CSI Response to COVID-19 Pandemic - RSE and Lab Audits Postponed Temporarily

    Who would have predicted that in early 2020 we’d be united in our efforts managing the impacts of a historical, global event, the COVID-19 pandemic?  It is having an incredible impact on our personal lives, work lives, and on our communities.  As the spread of COVID-19 grows, so does the risk of exposure, for the CSI auditors and for you, our clients.  In consideration of the growing risks,...

  • APHIS Amends Entry Requirements for Importation of Tomato and Pepper Seed

    Effective September 8, 2019, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is amending the entry requirements for tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and pepper (Capsicum spp.) seeds imported from all countries into the United States.

    Since.  I encourage you to review the following notice from the U.S.'s APHIS if you are exporting tomato and pepper seed to the U.S.:  ...

  • CSI Update – 2018-2019

    Top of mind for the seed industry this fall and winter is Seed Synergy. The CSI Board is fully behind the Seed Synergy work and recently endorsed the White Paper at their November 22, 2018 Board meeting. Seed establishments and seed laboratories should feel a sense of pride knowing CSI represents the original Seed Synergy concept and CFIA’s first exercise in alternate service delivery.


  • Seed Synergy Collaboration - Green Paper Consultation

    In January and February this year, the Seed Synergy Collaboration collected feedback from the seed industry on a vision for the Next Generation Seed System in Canada. Parts of our current system are working well and parts are in need of improvement. We’ve collected your feedback and then incorporated it into a Green Paper that begins to describe ideas for the design of a new, improved seed...

  • RSE Announcement

    Attention RSEs and Labs

    CSI has recently been making some internal structural changes as we plan our resource needs for the next few years.  These structural changes include the blending of the technical support previously provided to the RSEs and Labs by an Eastern and Western seed program representative into one position.  This change in structure has resulted in the termination of...

  • Amendments to Weed Seeds Order (WSO)

    The CFIA published amendments to the Weed Seeds Order (WSO) on May 18th, 2016 in Canada Gazette, Part II which come into force on November 1, 2016. The amended WSO includes harmful new species and reclassifications of existing species.

    Registered Seed Establishments, Operators and Graders need to be familiar with the changes so that they are ready to apply the changes...

  • CSI Technical Manual for Authorize Importers

    NEW VERSION RELEASED - CSI has released a new version of CSI-Tech 2.4, the CSI Technical Manual for Authorized Importers. It provides technical guidelines for the handling and conformity verification of seed imported into Canada. The document is available for CSI auditors and CFIA accredited Operators and Graders on the CSI secure website.

  • CSI Technical Manual for Approved Conditioners and Bulk Storage Facilities

    NEW VERSION RELEASED - CSI has released a new version of CSI-Tech 2.1, the CSI Technical Manual for Approved Conditioners and Bulk Storage Facilities.  It provides technical guidelines for the handling, grading and labelling of pedigreed seed. The document is available for CSI auditors and CFIA accredited Operators and Graders on the CSI secure website.

  • CFIA Industry Bulletin - New Interagency Tag for Imported Seed

    A new interagency certification tag for imported seed is now available from the CFIA.  The new tag indicates that the imported seed meets the Certified seed requirements of the CFIA.  The new tag is for seed belonging to the Certified class and corresonds to the blue colour associated with Certified seed.  Beginning January 1, 2013, all imported seed labelled with a Canada Certified grade name...