CSI Starting to Audit Again - COVID-19 Update

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

We hope this finds you healthy and coping well with the changes we are all experiencing these days. We have instructed the CSI auditors that they may begin conducting on-site audits again if both you and the auditor are comfortable with an on-site visit. If you are not comfortable with an in-person visit from an auditor, you may be eligible for a remote audit. Please contact your auditor to discuss your options.

If you do proceed with an on-site audit, CSI expects this activity to take place in a physically-distanced manner, and with appropriate safety precautions taken by both yourself and the auditor. Attached is the list of recommendations that we provided to the auditors, and which are posted on our website, for minimizing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 during CSI activities. Please be accommodating to the auditor’s social practices (e.g. if they wish to wear a mask, sanitize the work surface area, etc.), and know that we expect the auditors to adjust their social practices to ensure you are comfortable during an audit.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact CSI at 1-800-516-3300.

Stay healthy and enjoy the summer.

Jennifer Scott, Programs Manager
Roy van Wyk, Executive Director
Shelly Rowsell, Operations Manager
Cheryl Laxton, Programs Coordinator
Dianne Blais, Operations Coordinator
Dean MacLellan, IT Manager