Seed Synergy Collaboration - Green Paper Consultation

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

In January and February this year, the Seed Synergy Collaboration collected feedback from the seed industry on a vision for the Next Generation Seed System in Canada. Parts of our current system are working well and parts are in need of improvement. We’ve collected your feedback and then incorporated it into a Green Paper that begins to describe ideas for the design of a new, improved seed system.

Following are the links to the Green Paper, the executive summary, and a one-page overview:

Please review this information. It’s a lot to absorb, but this ideas document needs your feedback again. Your input and the input from other industry stakeholders will help to shape our recommendations to the government of Canada for a next generation seed system. By late spring 2018 we hope to transform the Green Paper ideas into a White Paper.

We are almost ready to launch the Seed Synergy website where the Green Paper and other Seed Synergy Collaboration information will reside.  The new website will also be used to collect your feedback. We’ll send out an email to all RSEs once the website is ready.


Roy van Wyk

Executive Director, CSI