Bulk Storage Facility (BSF)

Information for facilities who handle and store pedigreed seed in bulk.

CSI is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to deliver the bulk storage facility (BSF) program. CFIA registers bulk storage facilities on the basis of a recommendation from CSI of successful accreditation. BSFs can handle, store, sell and label seed with a Canada pedigreed grade name and the variety name. Detailed records and samples must be kept to ensure that all of the requirements for seed certification have been satisfied. Every location must be individually registered.

Click here for the Application Form for CSI Seed Establishment Accreditation and CFIA Registration (pdf format) 

An application fee of $300 + Tax is being applied to all new facilities that wish to be accredited as a CSI Registered Seed Establishment.

Obtaining CSI Accreditation 

There are three steps to becoming registered as a Bulk Storage Facility for businesses that store or hold seed. Click on each of the headings or scroll down the page to read detailed instructions on how to fulfill these requirements.

  1. Certification of Personnel
  2. Writing Your Quality Assurance Manual
  3. On-Site Audit

1. Certification of Personnel

In order for CSI to recommend any facility for CFIA registration, an individual on staff must be a licensed operator. This is accomplished by the individual passing the BSF evaluation to ensure the  Seeds Regulations are understood.

If the BSF plans on examining, and grading pedigreed seed the facility must have or make use of an accredited grader.

2. Writing Your Quality Assurance Manual

Your manual must be written based on the current practices and activities of your facility, and must address all of the elements of the CSI BSF quality management system standard.

The writing process is simplified by using the template that we provide at no charge. The template addresses all of the elements as described in the standard. Clients using the template are reminded that the wording is provided as an example only and must be edited to ensure the manual describes the procedures and systems they follow.


Quality Assurance Manual Templates

Once your manual is complete, you may select any CSI accredited auditor from the current list of auditors provided by CSI. At this time you should forward your manual to the auditor of your choice for review against the BSF standard.

Click here to download the Seed Auditor list in PDF format

Upon successful review the auditor will recommend to CSI that the facility be registered by CFIA with the understanding that an on-site audit will take place when the first lots have been labeled with a Canada pedigreed grade name; but not later than three months after initial registration. Your CSI accreditation package is sent to you including your certificate, and in the case of a new facility, your CFIA registration number will be communicated to you by the CSI office.

3. On-Site Audit

Your on-site audit must take place to ensure that the practices as described in your manual are being implemented at your facility. The auditor you choose to review your manual will schedule a visit at a mutually convenient time.

Subsequent to the on-site audit the auditor will write an audit report and send copies to the CSI and to the client. Pending positive results from the on-site audit, your auditor will also provide to CSI another recommendation for continuing CSI accreditation and CFIA registration. 

After initial accreditation is granted, a period of two years will elapse before a second on-site audit is required to be conducted. CSI will inform you during the year in which you are to schedule the second audit. After successful completion of two full audits Bulk Storage Facility clients will be eligible for the Increased Interval Program for subsequent audits.