US Exporter (CPCPS)

CFIA Phytosanitary Certification Program for Seed (CPCPS)

Information for exporters shipping seeds in small packages to the U.S.

Canadian seed exporters now have five options to meet U.S. import requirements for seed, obtain a:

  • Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the CFIA,
  • ISDA PPQ form 587,
  • USDA PPQ form 925,
  • CFIA form 5289,
  • CPCPS, a quality system program which allows approved facilities to use the CFIA seed export label 5309

The CFIA seed export label was introduced and developed specifically for Canadian seed exporters shipping numerous small shipments of seed (e.g. mail orders) to the U.S. It can only be used by facilities which are certified in CPCPS.

The Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) has been recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as their approved inspection body for CPCPS – a quality system to ensure that companies shipping seed to the United States are complying with U.S. phytosanitary import requirements.

Obtaining CSI Accreditation

In order to become registered as an approved seed exporter under the CPCPS, the exporting facility must develop a quality system and submit an application to CSI along with its quality system manual for review and approval.

Please contact a CSI auditor with the expertise to assist in constructing a quality system manual and meeting CFIA requirements for CPCPS. Such auditors have a “Yes” under the "US AE" column of the Auditor List.

For program details and requirements click here - CFIA Canadian Phytosanitary Certification Program for Seeds